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Have you ever asked yourself?meet dr kelly

  • Do I have alternatives to treating medical problems other than drugs or surgery?
  • Are these symptoms really just because I’m getting older?
  • My doctor tells me there is nothing wrong, but why do I still feel bad?
  • How do I know if the vitamins I am taking are working?
  • How do I know what vitamins and how much of each do I need to be taking?

Don’t Guess About Your Health

Get The Facts!

Your mind and body know exactly what they need for perfect health and well-being. The instructions for maintenance and repair of this magnificent machine are built in. And the system is really very simple:

Body Balance

This is the key. When something happens to disrupt your body’s physical and mental health, it sends a message to your brain and nervous system. The signal might show up in the form of a migraine headache, muscle tension, an upset stomach, fatigue or allergies. These signals are meant to act as guides to your body’s underlying imbalance.

The problem is, we take the signals our body sends at face value, and react to them the way we’ve been taught to– we take an aspirin for a headache, down a cup of coffee to wake ourselves up and shrug off an upset stomach as “nerves.” We see and feel the signal but we don’t trace it back to its’ cause.

Stay balanced and you will feel better. It really is that simple!

At Balanced Health Solutions, our goal is to help you balance your body using Science Based Testing and Nutrition which helps to identify your own unique nutritional needs through blood, urine, saliva, hair and stool analysis. We look for the underlying cause of your health problems, not the symptoms.  Because no two people are exactly alike, our testing and treatment recommendations are individualized to each patient and their needs.