Have You Been Diagnosed With Type 2 Diabetes?

If you were to ask most doctors treating diabetes in the “conventional model” of care (i.e. drug therapy) if diabetes can be reversed, most of them would tell you that it is not possible.

This is not true!

I see it happen every single day in my office.

Diabetics just like you are able to reduce and eliminate their need and dependency for prescription medication across the board. Not just their oral diabetic meds, but also their blood pressure and high cholesterol meds, and most importantly, insulin.

Diabetics, just like you, are able to lose weight without exercise and regain their energy levels.

Diabetics, just like you, are becoming non-diabetic. That is right…non-diabetic. They are able to get off most or all of their blood sugar meds and they have normal blood sugar readings.

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"My diabetes had gotten a “little out of control”. My HgA1c was up to a 10, and my blood glucose was up to 300! I went to the VA and they told me they could put me on some medications, and to not worry too much about it. Even while taking the medications, my blood pressure was still high and my cholesterol count was high as well.
I met with Dr. Kelly and I liked what he told me and started his program, which is an excellent program.
At my last visit with my VA doctor, my HgA1c was 5.0, and my doctor was totally impressed! I’m off all my blood pressure and cholesterol medications, and I’m off all my diabetes medications."

− Barry M.