Why Stool Testing?

It has been said that all disease starts in the gut. When your GI tract is not functioning optimally, you will start to break down the immune system.

You intestines contain a very delicate balance of good and bad bacteria. When you have too much of either your body and immune system start to break down. Most patients have some type of GI disturbance even if they have no particular stomach pain. In fact, a lot of conditions such as asthma, food allergies, migraines, thyroid problems and more can be traced back to a dysfunctional GI tract.

The traditional screening stool test that we use is the most sensitive test on the market for finding underlying GI infections whether it is a bacteria, fungus or parasite. It is vital to know if you have any of these infections because you will never be able to improve your health if you have chronic infections in your GI tract.

We have several ways to attack any infection that might show up on these tests. Some of our patients who have gone through the cleansing programs have had remarkable results.